Fairy Godmother Cookies

Fairy Godmother Cookies. will provide a unique cookie experience where customers have the option to choose various types of add-ins in a base dough. Customers can enjoy a selection of ready-made Delicious Homemade Cookies.

• Fairy Godmother Crafty Cookies focus is to provide a creative cookie personalized by customers' taste buds. Fairy Godmother's will strive to exceed customers' expectations in bringing them a sweet cookie experience. We strive to build strong communities by making delicious cookies and exceptional customer services.

• Fairy Godmother's Cookies targets adults, children and families of all walks of life.


Learn to create art and crafts with your own unique style. Begin to discover your hidden artistic talent. You will learn to enhance basic skills to create arts and crafts that fit your personality. The arts and crafts classes are exciting with plenty of educational paintings, games, and arts projects to enjoy.

Classes introduce children and adults to various healthy ways to communicate.

Creating a picture so you can see who you are on the inside. We all have a purpose that resonates only within our spirit. Sometimes we allow people to tell us who we are and what choices we should make in our lives.

Fairy Godmother Arts and Crafts aims to help you speak to the universe so you can obtain what you need and want. Our job is to help you determine the best arts and crafts to bring your vision to life in a positive and healthy way. Your completed project can become a gift for a loved one or a decoration in your own home.

What Do We Do?

Option 1

First and foremost, Fairy Godmother Arts and Crafts is providing an experience. Within that experience, students receive a kit packed with fun and exciting supplies to create something beautiful. And finally, students can sign up for a guided tutorial that enhances the creative experience while entertaining and educating!

Option 2

This experience is a great bonding opportunity. Strengthening relationships through arts and crafts improves self-awareness and enhances communication skills.

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